Simulation of electric train with autotransformer power supply system by etap-eTrax software in Mashanir company

May/12/2021 2460 View

Mashanir Company succeeded in simulating the traction and traffic of electric train with an autotransformer power supply system (2×25 kV AC) using etap _eTrax software. In this simulation, a rail route with an approximate length of 44 km between Mashhad-Golbahar-Chenaran with two-way feeding technique (2×25 kV AC autotransformer) with four passenger stations along the route and a four-minute headway for Power Centralized passenger trains is shown. In this simulation, ups and downs, curves along the route, train schedule, MTL system impedance, electrical and mechanical specifications of trains are used as software input and in the output of important results related to voltage drop, power consumption, optimal capacity of substations, the optimal location of traction and parallelizing substations along the path, as well as rail voltage, etc. is obtained. Due to the software capability of Mashanir Company in simulating electric trains with AC and DC power supply, this capability is provided for the company to carry out large-scale electric railway projects in urban and interurban areas in the best possible way in accordance with international standards. - Concluding a contract for the operation of a wastewater treatment plant The operation of Babolsar Wastewater Treatment Plant Project with the average inflow rate of 3102500 cubic meters per year has been awarded to Moshanir by Mazandaran Water and Wastewater Company. This is the first project in the field of operation of wastewater treatment plants which has been awarded to Moshanir Co. only after 2 months from receiving the Certificate of Competence for Operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant from the Water and Wastewater Company of Iran. And it will be done relying on the technical knowledge and specialists of the company.

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